Budget Mower World Headquarters
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Sharpening Service

Most chains $8.00 off the saw, 11 on.
Extra fee for heavily damaged chains

A sharp  chain saw will put less stress on your saw and your body!! When a chain is sharp IT dose the work, when it is dull YOU do the work.  A sharp chain will let the saw run cooler. 

A properly sharpened chain sharp will help prevent dangerous kick back. 

When done properly a chain should be able to be sharpened 5-7 times  We will clean built up grease and sap from your chain, evaluate it and regrind it to manufactures specified angles and check and set the depth guides ( rakers)  on the chain then apply oil.

We use the latest European Manufactured grinding equipment to maintain precise tooth geometry and Diamond grinding wheels to produce far less damaging heat that than conventional methods. 
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